Turkish-Armenians celebrate Armenian Christmas with grand splendor

The Armenians of Turkey also celebrated Armenian Christmas with great excitement this year as they participated in Christmas Masses served at dozens of Armenian churches.

There is an online video showing how the celebration is held to the sounds of Armenian traditional songs in the yard of the Three Altars Armenian Church in Istanbul. The event featured a performance by Maral Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble of Istanbul.

The Sahakyan Choir of the Armenian-populated Samatia district of Istanbul also gave a special New Year’s and Christmas concert.

The source reports that rituals have also been conducted by several Armenian unions, societies and associations of Turkey where visitors have been treated to the traditional sweet soup and hot wine.

As reported Agos Armenian Weekly, this year, the Christmas Mass was served in not only all Armenian churches of Istanbul, but also certain sectors of historic Cilicia, particularly the Forty Children’s Armenian Church of Iskanderun and the St. Mary’s Church of the Armenian-populated Vakif village.

The Armenian community of Diyarbakir didn’t participate this year due to the situation of St. Kirakos Church. Rebuilt in 2012, the church, which was in the focal point of Turkish-Kurdish clashes and was destroyed in 2015, remains closed to this day.

Let us remind that the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople had called on the Armenian community of Istanbul to raise funds for Syrian-Armenians ahead of the New Year.

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