New investments are expected after Lebanese business mission

The Development Foundation of Armenia (DFA) delegation has summed up the results of the Lebanese business mission, according to which, agreements on new investments and establishment of production in Armenia have been reached. The visit took place from 12- 15 December 2017, the DFA informed.

Gyumri Technology Center and “MALIA Group” have already signed a document after successful negotiations. The Lebanese company decided to provide orders of software, technological solutions to operating startups in Gyumri technology center, and rely on the maintenance of existing solutions.

Several other arrangements are at the stage of negotiations and discussions. “Tony’s Food” company aims to establish joint production of semi-finished food products in Armenia in order to export to Russia. “Meptico” has developed a project to produce powder and nutritional supplements for the production of the sweets and pastries in Armenia also for exporting to the Russian market.

The establishment of the “Mike Sport” sportswear and accessories production in Armenia is at the stage of discussions. “Management and Development International Company” aims to invest in the projects developed by the DFA.

In Artashat, the Lebanese “Bycop home textiles” has already established textile production (the business plan is not associated to the mission), during which the DFA has promised to support in the whole range of its aftercare services.

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