Mazhak Toshikian’s new work is called “The Dance of the Sasountsis”

Born and raised in Turkey, Canada-based music producer and songwriter Mazhak Toshikian (known as Chenk Tachkan in Turkey) has composed over three dozens of Armenian songs, the first of which was composed based on Armenian poet Hovhannes Shiraz’s poem “Letter” and performed by well-known singer Sibil. Living far away from the homeland, the talented Armenian admits that he would express his longing for Armenia through those songs before his visit to Armenia…

Today, Mazhak Toshikian still lives far away from the homeland, but the homeland is no longer a dream for the talented musician. It is a real fairy tale, the colors of which, the warmth of the sun in which and the heroic pages of the history of that homeland help him create new works. One of those works is the music that he recently composed for Gevorg Emin’s work called “The Dance of the Sasountsis””.

“President of the World Committee of the Pan-Armenian Games Ishkhan Zakaryan offered me to compose the music for this work a couple of years ago. I started working on it, and it was ready almost a year later.

I undertook this large task meticulously and used the experience that I have gained throughout the past 50 years. Throughout all these years, nobody had ever tried to compose music based on this very impressive poem, and I am glad that I was the lucky one to do it. Now my big dream is to present “The Dance of the Sasountsis” properly in Armenia and the Diaspora,” Mazhak Toshikian told Hayern Aysor.

The music is composed in the Epic-Cinematic Sound genre which, as Mazhak Toshikian stated, is not only acceptable for Armenians, but is also very common around the world.

“The sections of the orchestra, the choir, the performers of traditional instruments and soloists will be included in the song as playback. It is clear that consolidation of more than 40 dancers and over 80 singers and musicians on one stage will inevitably mix things up. At the same time, getting the best result from a large group is quite costly,” Mazhak Toshikian stated.

The songwriter added that Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan, who is well aware of the project, has suggested that the song be performed in Armenia in September 2018, taking into consideration the fact that September 21st is Independence Day in Armenia. “Taking this into consideration, today, it is safe to state that the first act of the work will be performed at the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet in Yerevan in September. I hope the first act is also performed in Istanbul, New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Paris and other cities. On this occasion, I would also like to express my gratitude to Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, who expressed her willingness to support the project,” the author of the work said.

At the end, Mazhak Toshikian added that the choreographer of “The Dance of the Sasountsis” and the director of the dance group is Arman Julhakyan (Yerevan) and that the project will feature performances by Paros Chamber Choir (Yerevan, choirmaster Raffi Mikaelyan), performers of traditional instruments and soloist Gohar Hovhannisyan (Yerevan).

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