New Year’s event held for students of Armenian Sunday school of Astana

On December 24, at the initiative of Van Armenian Cultural Center of Astana, Tan Café hosted a New Year’s event for members of the Armenian community and students of the local Armenian Sunday school. Since morning, the Armenian café opened its doors for our compatriots of all ages so that they could celebrate the New Year and Armenian Christmas together.

There were songs and dances, the girls of Nairi Armenian Dance Group charmed everyone with their grace, and when the four Katvalyan brothers and their three-year-old sister, Goharik came up on stage and performed the Armenian song “We are the Sons of a Brave Family” (Menq Qaj Tohmi Zavaknern Enq), there were rounds of applause in the whole café. This was followed by performances of Armenian ethnographic songs. Ofelia Khachatryan gave a beautiful performance of the Armenian song “We are Armenian” (Menq Hay Enq). Of course, everyone was also waiting for New Year’s gifts. When Santa Claus and Snow Maiden appeared near the entrance to the café, everyone understood that the “gap” would soon be filled. The sponsors and the head of the community Sahak Salumyan had made sure all the children would receive gifts.

We express gratitude to all those who organized this beautiful event. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Haiastan Mneyan


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