‘The Last Inhabitant’ receives Best Feature Film and Best Actor Awards at Scandinavian Festival

At the Scandinavian International Film Festival held in Helsinki, Finland, Jivan Avetisyan’s the Last Inhabitant has received the Best Feature Film award and Alexander Khachatryan, who embodies the main character of the film, received the Best Actor Award.

 Director of the film Jivan Avetisyan in his turn thanked the organizers of the film for high appreciation of the work.

The “Last Inhabitant” has been recognized as the best film among ten nominated films and is the only film at the festival winning in two nominations.

The screening of the film “The Last Resident” at the Scandinavian International Film Festival will take place on October 28, at 20.30.

The movie is based on Tsovinar Khachatryan’s short story “Gyurjevan’s Last Inhabitant”. Masis Baghdasaryan is the co-writer of the script. Music, performed by Hover Chamber Choir and the National Philharmonic Orchestra is written by Serj Tankian. “The Last Inhabitant” was filmed in Khachmach village, Artsakh.

The “The Last Inhabitant’s” international promotion started with screening at the Venice Production Bridge of the Venice International Film Festival in Italy. Over the past months, the film was screened in Lebanon, the US, Russia, Iran, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, with new screenings scheduled for the coming future.

To remind, the film depicts the life in an Armenian village, evicted in the result of the Karabakh conflict. Abgar, the main character, stays behind all alone in a gradually shrinking enemy ring. He is waiting for his daughter, who has become a witness to her husband’s murder by an angry mob and was hospitalized with a mental disorder. An Azerbaijani named Ibrahim, for finding and bringing Abgar’s daughter, suggest that he work on the construction of a mosque. A few days later, Ibrahim finds the girl, named Yurga, in one of the psychiatric hospitals of Baku and brings her to Abgar.

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