Armenian Genocide film wins award at film festival in Los Angeles

Joe Berlinger’s Armenian Genocide film “Intent to Destroy” won an award at a film festival held in Los Angeles, reported Deadline.

The full-length documentary film is based on Terry George’s film “The Promise” and is targeted against the policy of denial of the Armenian Genocide. The film will go on the big screen during the Tribeca Film Festival to be held in New York on November 10.

The film “Intent to Destroy” is about the events that took place in the Ottoman Empire 102 years ago, the victims of the Armenian Genocide and their generations who are leading a struggle to have the U.S. and other countries recognize the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians. In the film, Berlinger talks to historians, scholars and famous cinematographers and highlights the fact that the Armenian Genocide perpetrated in the Ottoman Empire led to the commission of new crimes against humanity.

“Being a part of this process is a great advantage. We will work long and persistently to tell the world about what happened in the past and to make sure the events of 1915 are known in all parts of the world,” said President of Abramorama Richard Abramovich, who also participated in film production, reports

Earlier, Serj Tankian had posted the following about the trailer of the new Armenian Genocide film: “Check out this powerful trailer for the film “Intent to Destroy: Death, Denial and Depiction”, a truly remarkable modern story about genocide denial by Emmy and Oscar nominated director Joe Berlinger. It is truly one of the most powerful films I’ve seen of late,” Tankian said and noted that he had the huge honor of scoring the music to the film.

Tankian, producer of the film “The Promise” Eric Israelian, Joe Berlinger and Armenian American writer Peter Balakian will discuss the film following the premiere.

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