Let’s support Armenian soldiers with our donations

Every year, young Armenian boys die or become disabled while defending the borders of the Republic of Armenia. Every year, an Armenian family loses a son, a wife loses a husband and a child remains without the care of a father. Those young boys make the greatest sacrifice to ensure the security of Armenia.

According to Hayern Aysor, the Armenian people have consolidated their potential to help the families having lost sons and to support the recovery of the brave boys who have been wounded while defending the homeland. For this purpose, on 15 December 2016, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia passed the Law “On compensation for damages caused to the life or health of servicemen during the defense of the Republic of Armenia”.

By this Law, each person working with an employment contract in the Republic of Armenia shall give AMD 1,000 a month for financial assistance to the families of soldiers and servicemen. The funds will then be transferred to the families of deceased or missing servicemen or disabled servicemen.

Based on the relevant article of the Law, the Servicemen Insurance Fund was established on 16 January 2017.

The second way of collecting funds is donation. The Fund has tried to make donating as easy and accessible as possible. You can donate by visiting the Fund’s website at www.1000plus.am. A donor simply has to choose the amount of the donation, give his or her name and last name, address and enter the data on his or her credit card.

Alongside the donation, the donor can also leave a message and share information about his donation on social networks.

Throughout the first eight months following the Fund’s establishment, the Fund has collected AMD 72 million (approximately $150,000) through donations. There have been donations from more than 14 countries. Most of the donations have been made from the following three countries:

  1. Armenia (AMD 50 mln, approximately $104,000)
  2. France (AMD 7 mln, approximately $15,000)
  3. Cyprus (AMD 4.8 mln, approximately $10,000)

Thanks to its Facebook page, the Fund is also accessible to social network users.

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