Representatives of “So Armenia May Hear” program hosted at RA Ministry of Diaspora

On October 10, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Armenian American figures, benefactor and consultant of the “So the World May Hear” international charity program of Starkey Hearing Technologies, Mr. and Mrs. Armen and Haikuhi Kavukchyan, Head of the Mission in Armenia, Trevor Turner, facilitator Liana Sahakyan and Armenian American benefactor, and the program’s supporter, Nora Yacoubian.

The Minister cordially greeted the guests and praised the efforts of the Los Angeles-based Kavukchyan family for implementation of the program in Armenia. The Minister attached importance to their initiative to support the homeland and provide a complex solution to such a primary healthcare issue and the cooperation with the “Arabkir” United Children’s Charity Foundation. “I am glad that our compatriots are able to become integrated, grow and invest their contacts, potential, experience and knowledge in the development of our Homeland. “

“Dear Armen and Haikuhi, your family serves as a brilliant example. I know that this large-scale and heartfelt program was made possible first and foremost thanks to your desire, effort and dedication. I also know that your four sons will be visiting Armenia to participate in the launch of the program, and I am certain that they will continue what you have started and will walk the same path that you have to support our Homeland.  I would like to express my deep gratitude to your family and the company’s founding directors, Bill Austin, his wife,Tani, and this wonderful young man, Trevor Turner, who has loved our country so much that he already speaks Armenian and, wanted to come and personally manage the “So Armenia May Hear” program. Armenia hears, praises and loves humanitarian benefactors like Bill Austin and Tani, fans of Armenia and like Trevor, considers them the sons and daughters of our nation. For the Armenians, friendship is of highest value. We accept piety with pleasure and gratitude and with the willingness to repay. I would like you to convey my words of special gratitude even to the American benefactors who do not yet know where Armenia is and who donated $125,000 to the “So Armenia May Hear program,” the Minister added.

Expressing gratitude for the cordial reception, Haikuhi Kavukchyan stated that she had a different feeling when she set foot on the native land this time and that the idea of helping solve the hearing problems of so many compatriots made her and her husband feel at ease and get exceptionally emotional.

Armen Kavukchyan also attached importance to the community’s support organized at the initiative of Primate of the U.S. Western Diocese of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church, Archbishop Hovnan Derderian. He stated that in 2015, at the initiative of the Kavukchyan family, the famous Starkey Hearing Technologies, in partnership with “Arabkir” United Children’s Charity Foundation, laid the foundation in Armenia for a charity program aimed at providing needy people with hearing devices. The Foundation has already carried out the phase one. It has found people who qualify, checked their hearing, measured the models of the devices and more. Currently, the team is implementing the second major phase. From October 15 to 17, U.S. and UK experts will install hearing devices at the Sport and Concert Complex in Yerevan. Founding president of Starkey Hearing Technologies Bill Austin and Tani will arrive in Yerevan today in their personal plane to participate in the program. The will provide the gift of hearing to over 1,900 people.

Coordinator of the mission in Armenia, Liana Sahakyan, stated that Starkey Hearing Technologies and Starkey Hearing Foundation have carried out their missions in 106 countries, and the missions are ongoing in 52 of those countries. Armenia will become the 107th country. If the “So Armenia May Hear” program becomes a success, it will also be stable and ongoing.The program was launched in Yerevan, as well as in the Shirak, Lori and Tavush Provinces.  

The vision is to soon work with Artsakh.  Haikuhi, Armen Kavukchyan and Nora Yacoubian already met with Artsakh representative, Dr. Ara Yeremian from the Hadrut region to introduce, the “gift” that Starkey Foundation offers its recipients and to discuss the logistics of the phases needed to help soldiers and children in the regions of Artsakh.

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