“Artsakh-2017” camping event held in Jordan (photos)

Paying heed to the call of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia (“What are YOU doing for Artsakh?”), the Scout Committee of the Armenian Athletic Union (AAU) of Amman decided to hold this year’s camping event under the title “Artsakh-2017” with the belief that Artsakh will become stronger and overcome all the hardships with the power of the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora triumvirate.

As reported the organizers to Hayern Aysor, the camping event was held at the camping site of the Armenian Athletic Union from September 1-3 and gathered 42 scouts. The event was organized by the AAU Scout Committee and sponsored by the AAU Board.

Board member of the AAU Hagop Hagopian and the Union’s scout leader Avedis Yaghlian assumed responsibility for the event and received the support of the Scout Committee’s members.

The three-day program featured many activities, including physical and field work, performances of Armenian songs and dances and group games, preparation of scout devices and rehearsals for the bonfire event and, of course, Armenianness and speaking in Armenian were the focus of the efforts.

The camping event ended with the traditional bonfire event on September 3. It began with the parade of the AAU scouts to the sounds of the music performed by the scout brass orchestra. The traditional bonfire was held in a great atmosphere after the national flags of Armenia and Jordan and the flag of the AAU were brought.

The opening of the event was performed by Chairman of the AAU Board Hagop Serpekian, who expressed his greetings to the attendees and especially appreciated the leaders of the Scout Committee for helping young Armenians prosper and receive a better Armenian upbringing through the Committee’s activities. Afterwards, Serpekian gave the floor to Secretary of the Scout Committee Taleen Hagopian, who cordially greeted the attendees, talked about the importance of teaching Armenian scouts about Armenia, the Armenian nation, the Armenian Church and the glorious culture of the Armenian nation and expressed gratitude to all those who always encourage the efforts of the Committee with the belief in the mission of the Committee.

Hagopian’s speech was followed by a beautiful concert that featured performances of Armenian songs and dances by all the groups of scouts, who received warm rounds of applause from the audience. Afterwards, the attendees watched a video devoted to the activities that the scouts participated in during the camping event. One could see that everyone was happy and excited.

The annual camping event and bonfire event of the AAU ended with the blessing and kind wishes of Rev. Fr. Supreme Archimandrite Avedis Iprajian. The participants had an unforgettable time, had interesting impressions, nice memories and gained a lot of knowledge.

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