Roman Avanesyan: “I wanted to see all that we Armenians refer to as the Homeland”

Hayern Aysor presents its interview with participant of the “Ari Tun” Program, 17-year-old Roman Avanesyan from Russia.

Hayern Aysor Is this your first time in Armenia?

Roman Avanesyan: No, this is my fourth visit to Armenia. I was 9 years old when I visited Armenia for the first time. I was born in Russia. My mother is of Russian descent, and my father is Armenian. In his prime, my father traveled to Moscow to study in the Nuclear Sciences Department of the National Scientific-Research Institute, met my mother, got married and stayed in Moscow.

Hayern Aysor: Roman, how did you find out about the “Ari Tun” Program?

Roman Avanesyan: My grandfather told me about this program, and I definitely wanted to participate. I was very interested in the field trips. I wanted to go sightseeing in Armenia, see Armenian architecture and all that we Armenians refer to as the Homeland.

Hayern Aysor: Roman, you don’t speak Armenian?

Roman Avanesyan: No, but I want to learn it. I only know a couple of words in Armenian like “vonts es” (how are you?), “shnorhakalutyun” (thank you), “barev” (hello), “kamanch-kamanch” (kamats-kamats, slowly)…My grandmother exchanges a few words in Armenian with me when she visits us in Moscow. I need to be in an Armenian environment in order to learn Armenian.

Hayern Aysor: Roman, do you like Armenia?

Roman Avanesyan: Yes, I like Armenia! It was my dream to see the panorama of Mount Ararat.

I really like the Cascade Complex, but it would be nice, if the modern sculptures were placed somewhere else. It would be better to place Armenian-style sculptures at the Cascade Complex.

Hayern Aysor: Roman, what is there in Armenia that you would like to see in Russia and vice versa?

Roman Avanesyan: I wouldn’t like to mix anything. Let Armenia stay the way it is and let Russia stay the way it is. I don’t think it is necessary to mix anything.

Hayern Aysor: Which Armenian dish do you like the most?

Roman Avanesyan: I love dolma. Even if my future wife is not Armenian, I will make dolma myself. My grandmother makes Armenian dishes at home, and my mother makes very tasty Spas.

Hayern Aysor: Roman, what was your dream associated with Armenia?

Roman Avanesyan: My dream was to see Mughni, and my dream has already come true.

Interview by Syuzan Mirzoyan

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