Parents of deceased hero visit RA Ministry of Diaspora

On August 4, the RA Ministry of Diaspora hosted a meeting with Principal of K. Tahta Armenian Community School of London Ruzanna Tatoulian, teacher Stella Tarverdi and the parents of Shavarsh Melikyan, who was killed during military service in Chinari Berd village of Tavush region on December 29, 2016.

The teachers and the Principal, who received awards in the Best Armenian School and “Defender of the Mother Language” categories at the 2016 Pan-Armenian Awards “For notable contribution to preservation of the Armenian identity”, as well as second degree diplomas and financial awards, have decided to transfer the prize funds to the family of the deceased hero.

Chief of Staff of the RA Ministry of Diaspora Firdus Zakaryan expressed gratitude to the K. Tahta Armenian Community School of London and the hero’s parents and particularly stated the following: “On every such occasion, we become convinced again and again that we Armenians are a powerful nation. We want to share what we have with our compatriots and share their grief. I highly appreciate the decision of the School’s administration. This makes us stronger.”

Principal of London’s K. Tahta Armenian Community School Ruzanna Tatoulian wished the hero’s parents strength and courage and transferred the money.

“Thank you for appreciating our son’s heroism. As Shavarsh would say, ‘a person lives as long as he is remembered’,” Melikset Melikyan added.

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