Antranig Boghosian: “Keeping the doors of the Armenian school open is a national duty and a human duty for me”

On July 26, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Principal of Sarkis Chemberjian Secondary School of the Krtasirats Armenian Cultural Union of Aleppo, member of the community council of Syria Antranig Boghosian and representative of the Union and the School in Armenia Alexan Karadanaian.

Minister Hranush Hakobyan cordially greeted the guests and appreciated their pro-national efforts aimed at maintaining the Armenian community in Syria. The Minister asked about the community’s novelties, the number of pupils, as well as the current problems and hardships. “You are truly committing a heroic act by maintaining an Armenian school in Syria. It is very important to maintain the community and provide the young generation of Armenians with an education. I am proud that there are people like you who live their lives with a love for the Homeland and the Armenian nation and by serving the Homeland and the nation.”

Antranig Boghosian expressed gratitude for the Medal of Gratitude that the President of the Republic of Armenia recently granted to him and added the following: “Besides words of gratitude, I would like to corroborate the fact that this award will serve as an impetus to work harder. I would like to stress once again that I will return to Aleppo to continue my mission. Keeping the doors of the Armenian school open is a national duty and a human duty for me.”

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