Syrian-Armenian repatriate brothers: “It takes time to achieve success”

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with the directors of Nuggets Sandwich Café Vahe and Hrach Boghosian in the #advicefromasyrian-armenian feature.

Hayern Aysor: What were you doing before opening this café?

Vahe and Hrach Boghosian: We were already running a business in Syria. We had a restaurant called “Amigo”. This was our third attempt at starting a business in Armenia. We first tried to open a restaurant at Sayat-Nova Street, but we faced some hardships. We expected it to be very easy, but it was the opposite. We realize that it takes years to run a good business and that it is impossible to achieve success immediately, especially when you live in a small city where there are many food outlets. It takes time to achieve success.

Hayern Aysor: How did you open this restaurant?

Vahe and Hrach Boghosian: It took us quite a long time to find an area to start our business, but we finally found one. There are about 15 food outlets near our area, but we decided to try.

Hayern Aysor: What advice would you give to those who would also like to start a business in Armenia?

Vahe and Hrach Boghosian: The first and most important thing is to approach a customer with a smile and tell them they are welcome. The second is to be generous. The third is to maintain quality. In Yerevan, our restaurant is one of the restaurants where quality keeps improving. We never buy meat that is cheaper or put less cheese. We always maintain our quality.

Hayern Aysor: What meals do you serve at your restaurant? Which is your tastiest dish?

Vahe and Hrach Boghosian: Our customers have different preferences. There are people who come to our restaurant to eat the Bomb sandwich, and there are people who like our Fatayer, which we refer to as a khachapuri, the Syrian khachapuri. We have a special sauce called Garlic Sauce that the people love. Our customers are always amazed at how our quality has been maintained throughout the past seven months of the restaurant’s existence.

Hayern Aysor: What have you liked the most about Armenia?

Vahe and Hrach Boghosian: Everyone is Armenian and everyone speaks in Armenian. We are no longer worried about our children getting married to foreigners. In addition, the city is clean and safe. We’re not worried about our children when they are outside.

Laura Samvelyan

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