Wedding ceremony in Rome

On June 25, my beloved student, Ashot Aghayan and his charming Italian bride, Alice got married at the St. Nicholas Armenian Church in central Rome. The church was fairy tale-like with its splendor and was decorated with vivid and delicate flowers. Among the guests at the wedding ceremony were the students of the Armenian language courses in Kiev who were close with Ashot and had already become friends with Alice. Knowing the love story of this beautiful and extremely harmonious couple, I enjoyed the warm atmosphere that the Ukrainian-Armenian and Italian had created.

The wedding ceremony was conducted in Italian and Armenian, and they took their oaths in both Italian and Armenian as well. The wedding feast was organized at a very beautiful villa and was full of surprises that had something to do with Armenia. Before expressing my kind wishes to the young couple, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ashot’s mother, Galina who, being a Ukrainian woman, raised her son in such a way that he now has a love for Armenia and the Armenians. Be happy, my dears! May you shine throughout your lives!

Ruzanna Martirosyan


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