Abbot of Mekhitarist Congregation in Vienna visits RA Ministry of Diaspora

On June 28, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Abbot of the Mekhitarist Congregation in Vienna, Fr. Supreme Archimandrite Boghos Gojanian.

Cordially greeting the guest, the Minister expressed her admiration of the activities carried out by the Mekhitarist Congregatio in Vienna and the Abbot’s efforts for the development of Armenology. She attached special importance to the exclusive editions of the “Handes Amsorya” Armenological Monthly of the past couple of years that are devoted to the 1,500th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet, the 400th anniversary of Armenian printing and the 300th anniversary of the printing of the Bible in Armenian.

The sides discussed issues related to the recent convergence of Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian and the processes for identifying the orthographies.

Fr. Supreme Archimandrite Boghos Gojanian expressed willingness to take part in the preservation and development of Western Armenian, in every program or event devoted to the convergence between Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian, as well as to share his knowledge and experience with young Armenian teachers and linguists.

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