Runner Gayane Chiloyan becomes champion at Balkan States championship

With 12.28 points in the 100m race, Armenia’s representative Gayane Chiloyan won the teens athletic championship for the Balkans held in Istanbul.

Ellada Alaverdayn scored the bronze medal in the 2,000m obstacle race with 11:10:76, while Armenia’s other representative-Angelina Avagyan-won 8th place in the 800m race (2:19:13).

As for the male runners, Davit Sargsyan won 12th place in the 100m race (11.83), and Yura Khachatryan was in 14th in the same race (11.96). Davit Sargsyan also ran in the 400m race and won 8th place (50.93).

Based on the teams’ calculations, the female runners won 8th place, the boys-14th, reports the National Olympic Committee of Armenia.

General Secretary of the Athletics Federation of the Republic of Armenia Narine Shahbazyan noted that Armenian teen athletes are progressing.

“I am content with the results, even though the strong winds disturbed our athletes on the day of the competition. They are achieving their results in a sustainable manner,” Shahbazyan said.

There were athletes from 17 Balkan States participating in the championship. Armenia was represented by Gayane Chiloyan, Angelina Avagyan, Ellada Alaverdyan, Davit Sargsyan and Yura Khachatryan.

In 2016, for the first time in the history of Armenian sports, a 15-year-old athlete participated in the Olympic Games and became the young Armenian athlete to be entitled to participate in the Summer Games. Gayane Chiloyan is a runner and one of the youngest Olympic athletes in world sports. However, she didn’t make it to the final at the Olympic Games.

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