Spain’s Sueca officially recognizes the Armenian Genocide

Sueca has become the 28th city of Spain to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide, reported Ararat Armenian Association to Hayern Aysor.

The five political parties comprising Sueca City Council (Compromis, Ciudadanos, the Socialist Party, the People’s Party and Podemos) voted in favor of Ararat Armenian Association’s petition submitted by members of the Association in Sueca Ella Ghazaryan and Ararat Arakelyan.

The Armenian Genocide resolution was defended by Mayor Raquel Tamarit during the session. The other members of the Council also gave speeches criticizing the Turkish government’s policy of denial and urged the Central Authorities of Spain to follow their example.

President of Ararat Armenian Association Ararat Ghukasyan expressed words of gratitude, considered Sueca’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide historic and asked everyone to combine efforts to fight for the establishment of justice and international recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

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