Ambassadors accredited to Canada meet with Speaker of House of Commons of Canada Geoff Regan under leadership of Armenia’s Ambassador to Canada


On May 15, the ambassadors of European countries accredited to Canada, under the leadership of Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Canada Armen Yeganyan serving as the duayen of the ambassadors of European countries, had a meeting with Speaker of  the House of Commons of Canada Geoff Regan, reported the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia to Hayern Aysor.

The items on the agenda were not only the current developments of Canada’s relations with each country, but also issues related to trade, migration and refugees.

In his speech, Ambassador Yeganyan touched upon Armenia’s experience in receiving refugees and providing them with shelters, noting that about 20,000 refugees have taken shelter in Armenia, making Armenia become the third country in Europe having received Syrian refugees based on the ratio of refugees to the population.

The Ambassador also presented the latest developments of the Canadian-Armenian relations, talked about the upcoming programs and touched upon the Francophone Summit to be held in Armenia in 2018.

The issues to be discussed during the future meetings were pinpointed during the meeting.