Diaspora Armenian writer Hovsep Nalbandyan delivers lecture at Artsakh State University


On May 17, Artsakh State University hosted a lecture by Los Angeles-based Armenian literary critic, bibliographer, translator, publicist, member of the Armenian Writers Association of California, national and community activist Hovsep Nalbandyan.

As reported Artsakhpress, in his lecture, Nalbandyan touched upon the current state of Diaspora Armenians and the preservation of the Armenian identity, attaching importance to the role of Armenian culture and literature.

“Besides protecting our personal interests, we must also aspire to enhance and reinforce the collective awareness of our nation. Today, one-third of the 8,000,000 Armenians living abroad are not Armenian since they have no connection with Armenianness and their roots. We have a tremendous amount of work to do in this direction. So, let’s shape our future together so that the generations not only take pride, but also become strong,” the Diaspora Armenian activist said.

Among the attendees were literary critics, Armenian language and literature specialists, as well as students and guests.