Forbes: Carolyn Rafaelian’s Ani&Alex may become one of the leading companies in the world


Founder of Ani&Alex Carolyn Rafaelian is on the front cover of the June volume of Forbes magazine.

Armenian American designer, benefactor and businesswoman Carolyn Rafaelian has been included in Forbes’s list of the richest women in the United States of America who have become wealthy independently.

Rafaelian earns $10,000,000 a year by selling $33-dollar bracelets. The article reads that 80% of the company’s profits come from exclusive bracelets that Rafaelian personally designs.

Forbes notes that the 50-year-old Armenian businesswoman holds 80% (about $1.2 billion) of shares of the jewelry company.

Based on forecasts, in 2020, Rafaelian’s company can become a serious competitor for the famous Pandora trademark, which is the leader in the global market of jewelry and accessories.

Rafaelian is also included in the 50 Most Powerful Women in the World, according to Working Together magazine. She has $700,000,000 and is considered the world’s richest Armenian woman, writes

In 2004, Rafaelian founded Ani&Alex, naming it in honor of her daughter and assuming the task of enhancing her father’s jewelry factory based in Rhode Island. She started manufacturing bracelets with Zodiac signs, and this became her brand. In 2010, she earned about $4.5 million. In 2015, sales reached $500,000,000. Thanks to that, the 49-year-old businesswoman is included in Forbes’s list of the most successful businesswomen.