Director of “Hayordats Toon” Armenian School/Center: “Your work will be imperfect, if you don’t become good Armenians”


May 14th marked the last day of the 2016-17 School Year at the “Hayordats Toon” Armenian School/Center in Moscow. However, it was a day full of many programs and events. According to tradition, in the early hours of the day, the first graders and their fellow senior classmates planted rose bushes in the schoolyard located next to the trees that had been planted in the previous years, reported the information center of “Hayordats Toon” to Hayern Aysor.

Afterwards, the graduating students wrote essays assigned by the administration. Armenian language teacher Yeranuhi Ghazaryan held exams for the first graders, who showed the knowledge that they had gained throughout the past year.

Director of “Hayordats Toon” Hmayak Gevorgyan was also attending the exam for Classroom 1E and highly appreciated the children’s readiness. “I am certain that this class consists of future lawyers, programmers and engineers who will achieve great heights in their respective fields. No matter what you become, you have to do your job well. However, your work will be imperfect, if you don’t become good Armenians and don’t serve your homeland, your nation and the Church. First and foremost, you must be aware of the fact that you are the descendants of a great nation of creators, not in the sense of chauvinism or ultranationalism, but in the sense of a nation of creators, the sons of which have achieved great heights in different fields.”

The last day of the school year was also unforgettable for Classroom 2B of Jemma Kirakosyan. The children showed their knowledge of Armenian language and literature during a competition, as well as recited poems and performed songs. Among the attendees were the children’s parents who highly appreciated Jemma Kirakosyan’s work and expressed their gratitude to Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church, Fr. Archbishop Yezras Nersisyan and the School’s administration for their efforts.

Bidding the children farewell, the teachers announced that the net meeting would be held at the Holy Glorification Church on May 21. Upon the decision of the administration of “Hayordats Toon”, the teachers and schoolchildren of “Hayordats Toon” will attend a Holy Mass, after which they will participate in the solemn ceremony of handing of certificates.