Armenian soldier, you teach us how to be patriotic and take pride in the Armenians-write Diaspora Armenian pupils


Pupils of Armenian schools based in different communities of the Armenian Diaspora have addressed letters to soldiers of the Armenian army. In those letters, they express their heartfelt desires to the soldiers defending the border and share their notions of patriotism and the homeland defense.

As reported the Public Relations Service of the Youth Foundation of Armenia to Hayern Aysor, the initiative was undertaken by the Armenian Relief Society and is being carried out within the scope of the grants allocated to non-governmental organizations by the Staff of the President of the Republic of Armenia and the contest announced by the Youth Foundation of Armenia. The “We are strong when we are united” initiative comprises several stages. The future stages envisage visits to military units in Armenia and Artsakh, humanitarian aid to soldiers and meetings at schools and universities where the participants will talk about the profession of a serviceman in the context of professional orientation and have meetings with the heroes of the Four-Day Artsakh War.

Let us mention that letters have been sent from Armenian pupils of the Ferrahian Armenian School in the U.S. Western Region; Hovnanian School in the U.S. Eastern Region; the Armenian National School of Kuwait; the Hamazkayin Melkonian School in Lebanon; the Haig Arslanian College in Lebanon; the ARS Daily Armenian School in Toronto; the Zavarian Armenian School in Aleppo; the Karen Jeppe Armenian College in Aleppo; the National Unified School in Syria; the Mesrop Titizian Armenian Saturday School of the “Meghri” chapter of ARS Canada in Cambridge; the Araz Armenian Saturday School of ARS Canada in Vancouver; the Sarafian Preschool of the Saint Hakob Armenian School in Canada; the Arev Armenian School of ARS Canada in Hamilton and the Targmanchats Armenian Saturday School of Hamazkayin Australia in Sydney. Student of Karen Jeppe Armenian School in Aleppo, Sam Barmakzian, noted that his desire was to grow up and become a defender like today’s soldiers in order to defend the borders of Armenia and Karabakh.

Sarin Bertizlian, who represents the same school, says the soldier implies security. “Armenian soldier, you get tired so that we can be at ease. Remembering you is a moral duty. You teach us how to be patriotic, know the value of freedom and take pride in Armenians. I want to see you perform your military operations someday. I will cherish that moment and will receive strength.” In her letter, Marina Manukyan says she tries to find our martyred soldiers among the people of our days and see their looks, eyes and clothes. As a matter of fact, the Armenian language teacher of Karen Jeppe Armenian School is correspondent for Armenian Public Television Maria Gabrielyan, who transmits the breath of the homeland to children through her job that she does with dedication. The letters will be transferred to their addressees soon.

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