“102 Heartbeats”-an action dedicated to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims


The Union of Young Armenians of Dnepr calls upon Armenians around the world to join the “102 Heartbeats” action dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 2017. The main goal of the action is to remind the civilized world once again about this crime that was committed against humanity and has remained unpunished to this day.

During the action, the participants will walk at the main square in the city as ordinary passers-by and make the sounds of heartbeats heard through sound recorders at a previously set hour. At that moment, the participants will stand rock solid and look to the ground, after which the Armenian tricolor flag will be waved in the center of the square to the sounds of the Armenian song “Dle Yaman” performed by Russia’s pop singer Zara. The participants will touch upon several facts about the Armenian Genocide and present the responses of various countries.

To hold the event in your city, you need permission from the municipality. You also need to ensure the presence of police officers and emergency doctors for security reasons and send press releases to mass media outlets, invite Armenian and foreign friends, provide the technological equipment, have the Armenian national flag, create information panels and have the recordings (phonograms) that we send.

Let us mention that we have held such actions every year since 2014, and more and more mass media outlets and Ukrainian citizens have been showing interest in the events.

For questions, please write to www.facebook.com/Aghajanyan.Karen or www.facebook.com/elina.sorsoryan.

We hope we can combine our efforts and receive your support to the event.


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