Armenian Youth Union of Prague holds silent protest near Czech Parliament


The Armenian Youth Union of Prague on April 20 held a silent protest near the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Hakob Asatryan – editorin-chief of ‘Orer’ (‘Days’) Armenian European magazine told Armenpress.

“The silent protest aims to once again draw the attention of the Czech authorities on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide”, Asatryan said, stating that letters will be sent to the members of the Czech Parliament.

He said in recent years the topic of Armenian Genocide is broadly covered in the Czech Republic, political figures frequently discuss that topic.

“I think time has come for the Armenian Genocide recognition in the Czech Parliament, however, currently the Czech Republic faces some problems related with Turkey. In any case, I think that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Czech Republic is a matter of time”, Hakob Asatryan said. The Armenian community of the Czech Republic has planned a number of ceremonies on the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.