Armenian dance group wins competition in Germany


On 8 April, the Anoush Armenian Dance Group of the Armenian compatriotic union in Munich participated in a competition for Germany’s qualified dance groups and won the first prize after scoring 90.3 points.

During the folk dances part of the competition, one of the dancers, 15-year-old Meline Hubakh performed a solo dance to Sayat-Nova’s song “Nazani”.

As the dance group’s founding dance instructor and artistic director Anoush Chakhalyan told Hayern Aysor, the dance group won after a big competition since all of the dance groups were professional and stood out with their high level of readiness.

“This victory is a great achievement for us, and we are very happy. Of course, we thought we might win, but we weren’t expecting it,” Anoush Chakhalyan stated, adding that foreigners approached her and expressed their admiration of the Armenian dances after the competition.

According to the established tradition, in accordance with the dance group’s decision to dedicate its performances of the year 2017 to the “What are YOU doing for Artsakh?” pan-Armenian movement launched by the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, Anoush Chakhalyan drew once again the attention of the foreigners to this movement by raising the signs reading the phrase “What are YOU doing for Artsakh?” and taking a photo with it in the vestibule of the hall.