Ukrainian singer performs Armenian song “Haiastan Ashkharh”

More and more foreign singers have been posting their renditions of Armenian songs on the Internet recently. I would like to add the performances of Ukrainian singer and songwriter Shir Yeshim, who heard about the touching song “Haiastan Ashkharh” and decided that she definitely had to include it in her repertoire.

She asked for my help to understand the meaning of the words, but after the first meeting, she expressed the desire to know more about the song and learn Armenian. I must say that it was the first time when the desire to learn Armenian and the need to sing in Armenian had emerged at the same time. Despite her busy schedule, the singer attended Armenian language lessons and finished the first course and was ready to sing in Armenian perfectly. Ukrainians always applaud her performance of the song “Haiastan Ashkharh”, and for us Armenians, it is more than a pleasure to listen to the performance of this exceptionally touching song. As a matter of fact, the producer is Yuri Lich, who has made great contributions to the field of music and has produced nearly 200 albums.

My divine mission of teaching Armenian in Kiev, which I carry out with pleasure, has provided me with the opportunity to get acquainted with many talented and educated people. My student singing in the language of my soul has her special place among those individuals.

Ruzanna Martirosyan


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