Kindergarten in Estonia’s Tallinn hosted month-long events devoted to Armenia

Throughout March, the Raanniku Kindergarten in the Estonian city of Tallinn hosted events devoted to Armenia, as well as Armenian culture and traditions. On 22 March, the Kindergarten hosted a short event that featured performances by the children of the Mashtots Armenian Sunday School in Tallinn.

As reported Director of Mashtots Armenian Sunday School Janna Shahbazyan to Hayern Aysor, the children aged 3-7 and the staff had treated the rehearsals for the event very seriously and had prepared well. One could feel the air of Armenia and the Armenians at every corner of the school. The children’s handmade “Armenian tricolor flags” and “Mount Ararats” and Armenian coats-of-arms could be seen everywhere.

One of the representatives of the Kindergarten, Lilit Mazmanyan had helped translate the Armenian songs “Kaqavik” (Little Partridge) and “Arev , Arev, Yek, Yek” (Come, Sun) into Estonian, and the songs were performed by the children of the Kindergarten in Estonian and by the children of Mashtots Armenian Sunday School in Armenian. The Armenian children recited the Armenian poem “Tsitik, Tsitik” (Little Bird, Little Bird).

The children of Mashtots Armenian Sunday School attracted the attention of the attendees with their songs, dances and master class devoted to Armenian dances. The children of the Kindergarten and their nannies also performed the Armenian Unity Round-Dance and were joined by the attendees. The event ended in a warm atmosphere.

Let us also add that the Armenian gata was also served during the month-long events, and the attendees of this event tasted the gata at the end of this event.

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