Syrian-Armenian doctor feels good in Artsakh, says daughters must get married to Armenian men (video)

After living in the Syrian city of Kamishli for 22 years, Syrian-Armenian doctor Haig Khacho has settled in the Ishkhanadzor village of the Kovsakan region of Artsakh and, as he says, he feels good.

After the nightmare, brutal war and killings in Syria, Ishkhanadzor is paradise for Haig Khacho. He says the people are very kind, life is peaceful, and the government provides assistance. Moreover, his small family will soon receive an apartment built through government funding.

In 2016, the 49-year-old Syrian-Armenian doctor moved from Kamishli to Artsakh with his three daughters. Currently, he is the only therapist in the Ishkhanadzor village of Kovsakan region of Artsakh and provides services to the residents of several nearby villages. On his free time, he is involved in farming and cattle-raising.

“We saw many deaths and brutalities in Kamishli. We also saw many killings,” Haig Khacho said in an interview with

According to him, there were a couple of options to stay alive in Syria-either convert to Islam, or leave the area voluntarily, or give money to armed terrorists. Haig Khacho, who was the general doctor at the hospital in Kamishli, chose the last option since, as he says, business was good.

After the armed terrorists plundered the hospital, Khacho decided to leave Syria and immediately moved to Artsakh.

“There are not many people in these territories. We need to maintain these territories, which were liberated through bloodshed,” Haig Khacho stated as he talked about why he had moved to Artsakh.

When asked if he planned on moving back to Syria when it became relatively peaceful, Khacho said the following: “No, never. I rushed to come to Armenia. Where else should I go? I will never move. I have three daughters, and all three of them must get married to Armenian men. I am against any Syrian-Armenian moving back to Syria. I was also against Syrian-Armenians moving to Europe. They had to come to Armenia. There are hardships, and one needs to adapt. We adapted.”

Khacho has been a therapist for nine years. He regularly participates in training courses and recently took training courses at the Respiratory System, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Pediatrics and Neurology Units of the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center through the Ongoing Medical Education Program of the Fund for Armenian Relief.

He hasn’t read in Armenian for 25 years and is participating in the Program to reinforce his knowledge about medicine and relevant diseases and build his capacities.

By Hasmik Hambardzumyan

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