Hranush Hakobyan: “Armenian women are the torchbearers of kindness and benevolence”


Hayern Aysor presents the congratulatory message of RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan on the occasion of Motherhood and Beauty Day.


Dear sisters, mothers, wonderful grandmothers and unparalleled ladies,

It is with special joy that I congratulate you on Motherhood and Beauty Day and wish always stay cordial, healthy and lively as you maintain your Armenian families and stay connected to your roots and your identity.

It is not by chance that the wonderful springtime awakening in the Republic of Armenia is also a moment to appreciate and pay homage to Armenian women, a confession of love and a month of appreciating the beauty of women and motherhood that is ending with the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary, but of course, there is no limit.

Armenian women are exceptional. In all times, they have been viable, creative, wise and resourceful, dedicated and loving, delicate and beautiful, but in times of need, they have been able to defend their homes, support those around them, fight, sacrifice and dedicate themselves.

Since ancient times, Armenian women have carried out their fruitful activities in all spheres of life and have knowingly borne the burden of preserving the national identity, the type and spirit of Armenians, family traditions, customs and the Armenian language on their fragile shoulders.

In the Armenian Diaspora, Armenian women have become the ‘apostles’ for preservation of the Armenian identity, establishing schools, colleges, orphanages, as well as various women’s unions, societies and associations to preserve the image and wonderful qualities of an Armenian woman.

Armenian women are the torchbearers of kindness and benevolence, the ones who make efforts to help Armenian communities become self-organized, the spirit of the people, the ones who guarantee the preservation and enhancement of Armenian culture and the worthy citizen of their respective countries of residence.

It is our pride to record that Armenian women have shown their talent in the spheres of music, theater, literature and other spheres.

In the Diaspora, Armenian women have supported the homeland in all times of trials and tribulations-in the post-Genocide period, during the years of the Great Patriotic War, the Spitak Earthquake and the Artsakh war and have helped shape the newly independent Armenia. Among them are the heroes of our days and women who sacrificed their lives to defend Armenia’s independence. Armenian mothers have given birth to and raised the brave boys who sacrificed their lives for the defense of the Homeland.

Armenian women are a unique symbol of service and loyalty to the family, and it is not by chance that the irreplaceable values of the Armenian nation are referred to with the word “MAYR” (MOTHER in Armenian), including the mother language, the mother homeland, the motherland, the mother church, and the people have trusted mothers to preserve those cherished values.

Once again, I congratulate all Armenian women around the world, wishing them inconsumable charm. May your homes always be welcoming, your tables-abundant, and may your children always speak Armenian and may the endless road of return lead you to the Homeland.