Odessa-Armenians respected the memory of Four-Day Artsakh War victims

Oh! Month of spring, the April for living,

You bring flowers and life,

Why did you become a death anniversary…?

Silva Kaputikyan

Unfortunately, these words of the “Poetess of All Armenians” became current and resonant again in our days…

On 2 April, in the Armenian church located at the Gagarin Peak in Odessa, Fr. Priest Abgar Gilijyan performed a Requiem Service in memory of the victims of the Four-Day Artsakh War after the Sunday Holy Mass.

Talking about the self-sacrifice of the brave soldiers who no longer have the joy of enjoying the sweetness of life and whose parents and relatives no longer have the joy of living in peace, the priest called on everyone to be united and have mercy since only an Armenian can feel the pain and suffering of an Armenian.

“Thanks to their endeavors, the enemy failed to fulfill its insidious plans and received the counterattack that it deserved…May the Almighty God light the souls of the deceased! As for us, it is our duty to pray for their souls to rest in peace and support their families.

Dear compatriots, Armenian believers! Pray to God to bless our Homeland and keep our people in peace and safety. May God grant peace to all nations of the world!”

The day commemorating the victims of the war continued with an event at the grand cultural center.

After the Lord’s Prayer, the attendees stood up and respected the memory of the deceased soldiers with a moment of silence. Leader of the Armenian community Samvel Tigranyan and director of the Armenian Sunday School Elen Poghosyan expressed kind words of respect and gratitude.

Afterwards, students of the Saint Mesrop Mashtots School came up on stage to the sounds of military and patriotic songs. The School hosted a competition under the title “Letter to a Soldier”, and the best works were read by the authors fluently and beautifully. The letters showed how much the children love and respect Armenian soldiers. “May God protect Armenian soldiers who defend us and the borders of our homeland day and night.”

This was followed by the performance of the Armenian song “Little Soldier”.

The ARMIR Armenian Youth Union of Odessa, namely the Union’s President Azganush Vardanyan, had organized the screening of the documentary film called “The Devotees”. After the film screening, the attendees said the filmmakers had managed to tell the truth and that there are genetic features that are transferred from one generation to the next through the call of the land and water.

The event ended with a unique speech by Armenian history teacher Alexander Mkrtchyan. “I am proud to say that the Four-Day Artsakh War showed how strong we Armenians are when we are united as one. The month of April reminded the symbol of unity and that we must be strong and united.”

I would personally like to add that the heroic sons of our nation died for the homeland and set a brilliant example of patriotism for the generations to come. Their names will always be remembered and they will always be remembered as good people. Their spirits are immortal since nobody can defeat the brave sons of mothers of the Armenian nation!

Glory to the brave Armenians!

Narine Muradyan

Freelance correspondent for Hayern Aysor


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