Armenian fashion designers have taken over Paris


Armenia’s textile factories are modernizing their works and expanding consumer markets. The second stage of the program for raising the level of competitiveness in light industry has been launched in the country.

As noted, the outfits are sewn at a textile factory upon the order of Valentin Yudashkin. Everyone at his Fashion House is impressed with the outfits designed by Armenian fashion designers. The collection has also been shown in France.

“Out of 150 other works, our outfits were selected in Paris. The quality of our seam had an impact on the selection. We sew outfits that meet the standards of each country. For instance, we sew tuxedos for tall men in Russia,” Lida Sargsyan, head of a textile factory, noted. The Russian market is one of the most attractive markets for Armenian producers.

Over the past few years, Armenian textile factories have made progress in terms of technology. Some of their works have been automated. For instance, lecal used to be drawn by hand, but now computers do the work. The factories have also stopped using old labels. Currently, the sizes of outfits are printed on the fabric. “Modern technologies help us save time. We always follow the trends in technology. It helps us keep the quality at a high level and keep up with the times,” manager of a textile factory Ani Avetisyan said in a report by MIR TV channel, reported Over the past years, five light industries have been created in the country. Armenia will open two more factories (spinning and sewing) before the end of the year. Producers promise to increase production by at least twice and also plan on exporting their products to Europe.