RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan visits Artists’ Union of Armenia


RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan visited the Artists’ Union of Armenia, which is showcasing the paintings by Merited Painter of the Republic of Armenia, Head of the Fine Arts Department of Kristapor Kushnaryan Art School Anna Harutyunyan. Harutyunyan is nominated for the Presidential Award of the Republic of Armenia “For notable contribution to the field of arts”. The exhibition is organized as part of the Presidential Award of the Republic of Armenia.

The exhibition showcased the painter’s “Witnesses of the Past” series, which stood out with the Armenia-centered philosophy of the universe, the combination of the elements of antique, Christian and contemporary fine arts and unique techniques.

The Minister praised the painter’s efforts aimed at presenting Armenian culture properly and in an interesting way in the United States, Germany, Spain and other countries and stated that even though she continued her studies in Germany and joined the Union of Artists of Germany at the age of 20, Armenia-the crossroads of ancient civilizations-is the driving force and source of inspiration for her work. The Minister of Diaspora expressed gratitude for the close collaboration and attached importance to the showing of the painting of the oldest, 5,500-year-old Armenian shoe (excavated in Areni village) at the Shoe Museum in the Italian city of Elda and to the donation of the painting to the Museum on behalf of the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

Anna Harutyunyan expressed gratitude for the high appreciation of her art and assured that she would be undertaking new and interesting initiatives soon.