Argisht Armenian Community represented Armenia at Friendship without Borders Festival


On March 16, the Russian State University for Tourism and Service splendidly hosted the Friendship without Borders Festival with various kinds of events, an award ceremony and a festive concert.

As reported Azniv Paronyan to Hayern Aysor, the festival, which has been held for ten years, gathered not only students of the Russian State University for Tourism and Service, but also representatives of other universities and national and cultural organizations and Armenian youth organizations in CIS countries.

The University’s Student Council had organized an exhibit called “National Cuisine and Traditional Dishes”. The festival continued with a concert for the guests, as well as the students and professors of the University.

The participants performed the musical compositions of their respective nations, as well as performed their respective national songs and dances and recited poems.

For the past three years, the folk instruments ensemble (teacher Avetis Manukyan) and the Argisht Armenian Dance Group of the Argisht Armenian Community have been representing Armenia at the festival, and the Armenian students of the University have stood out with their brilliant performances.

“It is very exciting to represent the country and the homeland at such festivals. It makes you feel proud. We stood out from the participants of other nationalities as one of the world’s oldest nations. In 15 minutes, we presented the past and present of our nation’s culture,” the members of Argishti Armenian Dance Group said and added the following: “Those who don’t know their homeland can’t love it the right way.”