Event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Army held in Odessa (photos)


A nation that respects and appreciates its heroes will never die. Such a nation will have a bright future.”

Andranik Ozanyan

There were a lot of people at the large hall of the cultural center of the Armenian community of Odessa that day…

The Lord’s Prayer was followed by the Armenian national anthem, after which the Armenian tricolor flag and the flag of the Armenian Army were solemnly brought in the hall. Afterwards, just like during a military parade, the commander of the soldiers Vahan Poghosyan delivered a report to the commander-in-chief, president of the community Samvel Tigranyan and signaled the launch of the event.

The president expressed his kind wishes and congratulatory remarks addressed to our glorious homeland and army and emphasized that the Armenian army was the pillar of our independent country.

Afterwards, hostesses Arevik Armenakyan and Veronica Vanyan presented episodes of the 25-year history of the Armenian Army.

The participants recited excerpts from poems, expressed words of gratitude, encouragement and appreciation to our heroes who fearlessly defend the borders of our homeland and our ancestral lands.

The scenes shown on the big screen also told the story.

The audience also watched a touching enactment of parents seeing their son off to the army.

Actors Azganush Vardanyan and Vahan Poghosyan touched the hearts of the audience with their acting…The mother is proud that she has a fearless son and that the Armenian Army is invincible and that Armenia is independent.

Arevik Armenakyan and Janna Maghakyan read letters about love and longing addressed to Armenian soldiers.

However, we Armenians know the price of peace and victory very well.

The next scene was extremely impressive as a girl performed her heartfelt and plaintive song devoted to her deceased boyfriend.

Get up, my brother, the bells are still ringing!

With lit candles, the participants came up on stage and kneeled to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for the homeland. The candles were in the shape of the tricolor flag to show that the Armenian nation remembers their endeavors.

The people in the audience were in a festive mood when they heard an Armenian dance melody and saw the members of Barekamutyun Armenian Dance Ensemble come up on stage. The people enjoyed the performance of the “Yarkhushta” dance of the Armenians of Sasun. It seemed as though the Armenian mountains had “rose” to show the personality of Armenians through the fiery dance.

The hearts and souls of the gathered were filled with pride and satisfaction, and the warm rounds of applause were evidence of that.

This beautiful event was organized by artistic director of the Grandsons of Saint Gregory the Illuminator Literary-Ethnographic Studio, Director of Mesrop Mashtots Armenian Sunday School Elen Poghosyan. The event featured performances by the members of the studio, who continue to entertain audiences with their wonderful performances, as well as Khachatur Abajyan’s Barekamutyun Armenian Dance Ensemble and the newly created Lerntsi Armenian Dance Group (artistic director Mari Balyants), which has gained the love and sympathy of the audience with its beautiful performances.

After the event, the president of the community Samvel Tigranyan expressed his words of appreciation to Mrs. Poghosyan, the members of the studio and the other organizers, and pastor of the Armenians of Odessa, Fr. Priest Abgar Gilijyan urged everyone to always pray for Armenia and its defenders so that Armenian mothers don’t shed tears. The priest remembered the years when he was one of the first soldiers during the formation of the Armenian army and added the following: “We Armenians are the selected nation of God since nobody was able to bring us down to our knees. For centuries, we have defended our land with the Cross and the Sword. Even today, God forbid, we will go and defend our sacred homeland together…The strength of our army lies in the unwavering spirit of our patriotic soldiers and the service with faith.”

The voices of the participants were heard under the high arches of the hall as they screamed the following:

Glory to Armenian men and beautiful mothers giving birth to brave boys!

Glory to our 25-year-old strong and invincible army!

Glory to Mother Armenia!

Narine Muradyan

Freelance correspondent for Hayern Aysor