Event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Army held in Belgrade

Hayern Aysor-On February 14, the reading hall of the home after writer Jura Jaksic, which is located at Skadarlia Street in Belgrade, hosted the literary event of Serb poet Ljubica Miletić under the title “The Winds of Ararat”. The event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army.

Among the attendees were Honorary Consul of Armenia Predrag Tomić and President of the Armenian Community of Serbia Samvel Ayvazyan.

The event began with a presentation of Ljubica’s biography. Throughout her career, Ljubica has written several poems devoted to Armenia and Artsakh and has presented them as countries that are close to her heart.

During the event, the Serb poet read several poems from her book “The Winds of Ararat” underneath the national flags of Armenia and Artsakh. Each of her poems uniquely instills love towards Armenia, and she reads the poems with such motivation that it seems as though she was born and raised in Armenia.

The poet’s works became complete when Angela Nedelykovic performed the Armenian song “Araksi Yerge” (Song of Araks) with the accompaniment of a pianist.

Ljubica has been in Armenia several times. The last time she visited Armenia was during the events dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. She also presented the Armenian audience to her book “Contemporary Armenian Poetry” (2015), which features several works by contemporary Armenian poets.

The second part of the event featured performances of Serbian songs as a sign of gratitude to the Serb poet who is unconditionally devoted to Armenia and presents Serb readers to the history and poetry of the Armenian people through her poems.

For the first time, Ljubica Miletić also read her new translations of poems by Armenian poets, including Davit Hovhannes’s poems “The Stone Speaks” and “Grape”; Vardan Hakobyan’s poems “Don’t Talk to Me with Words”, “I am the Brother of a Tree”, “We Often Dispute”, “Armenian Method”, Eduard Militonyan’s poems “Army Recruitment” “That is Not for Me”, “I Sing…”, “I Bow”, “Noah” and Gagik Davtyan’s poems “Confusion on the Sea”, “Nothing Disappears Forever” and “Poetry”.

The event ended with the performance of the Armenian song “Azg Eem Parapants” (My Glorious Nation).

The audience had liked the Armenian songs so much that it asked for more performances by Angela Nedelykovic.

After the poem “Lavash” was read, all the attendees were treated to the traditional Armenian lavash with various appetizers. The sponsor of the reception was President of the Armenian Community of Serbia Samvel Ayvazyan.

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Angela Nedelykovic (Yeremyan)


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