RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora Serzh Srapionyan and Diaspora Ministry employees visit Armenian Catholic Church in Yerevan

On February 1, within the scope of the week-long events devoted to repatriates and organized by the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora Serzh Srapionyan, Head of the Department for Armenian Communities in the Near East and the Middle East Levon Antonyan and several employees of the Ministry visited the Armenian Catholic Church in Yerevan where nearly 600 Syrian-Armenians have taken shelter since the crisis began in Syria. Currently, there are 47 Syrian-Armenians living in the guest house near the Church.

With the blessing and at the initiative of leader of the Diocese of the Armenian Catholic Church in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Eastern Europe, His Eminence, Fr. Archbishop Raphael Minassian, the Church, in partnership with “Armenian Caritas” Charitable Non-Governmental Organization, solves not only the Syrian-Armenians’ problems with temporary residence, but also most of their social issues.

During the visit, Deputy Minister Serzh Srapionyan conveyed the welcoming remarks of RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan and attached importance to the role of the Armenian Catholic Church in the preservation and dissemination of Armenian culture and the efforts aimed at solving the problems of the Syrian-Armenians and supporting the Armenian government through those efforts.

General Vicar of the Diocese of the Armenian Catholic Church in Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Eastern Europe, Fr. Archimandrite Mesrob Sulahyan expressed satisfaction to Hranush Hakobyan or her ongoing care and attention and for following the solution to the problems of Syrian-Armenians.

Fr. Mesrop Sulahyan emphasized that the RA Ministry of Diaspora shows special love and care for the sectors of the Armenian nation scattered across the globe through its activities and added that the love of the Catholic Church for Armenians in Armenia and abroad grows even more with the support of the Ministry of Diaspora.

His Holiness particularly stressed the fact that he has been around the world and has seen how the Armenians of almost all communities talk about the Ministry of Diaspora and Minister Hranush Hakobyan with pleasure and faith. He added that the Armenians of those communities believe that the cooperation between the RA Ministry of Diaspora and the Armenian Catholic Church will grow stronger and expand in the years to come.

Serzh Srapionyan presented the Church’s newly created library with the books published at the initiative and upon the order of the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

Afterwards, the employees of the Ministry of Diaspora talked to the Syrian-Armenians staying at the guest house of the Church and promised to touch upon their problems and suggestions in the course of implementation of the future activities of the Ministry targeted at Syrian-Armenians.


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