Spain’s Sabadel recognizes the Armenian Genocide

On January 23, the city of Sabadel of the Catalonia region of Spain recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide. The leaders of all the political parties represented within the Municipality of Sabadel signed a joint statement stating that the events are described as genocide and a crime against humanity.

As reported the Facebook page of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Spain, the statement particularly reads as follows: “Any crime against humanity must be condemned so that such things never happen in any corner of the world or to the representatives of any nation, race or belief. The municipal authorities of Sabadel officially recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

The document was authored by the Ciudadanos Party, upholding the relevant claim of the Armenian community of Sabadel. The political party’s speaker Adrian Hernandez stated that the Party welcomes the support of the partnering political parties to the solution to this issue since this will allow Sabadel to join other Spanish cities that have already officially recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.


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