Letter to my “small” and “big” Armenian soldier

Hello, Armenian soldier, whom I don’t know, but who is very close to my heart.

I am Mary. I live in the city of Petroopavlovsk of Kazakhstan. I am in the sixth grade. I attend not only a public school, but also an Armenian school and am proud that I can write this letter in my native language.

My Armenian soldier-“small” and “big” at the same time. I say this because my grandmother always refers to you and the other soldiers as “those small kids…” whenever she talks about you all. As for my grandfather, he says “our big and brave boys are doing a good job”. At first,  I didn’t understand why they were saying that. After my Armenian language teacher told me and my classmates about your endeavors, I understood the meaning of those words.

My brave and fearless soldier, even though you are “small” in terms of age, you are defending our homeland like a “big” person. You are maintaining our peace as you stand on the border day and night, in the rain or snow. We live in peace because of you. You are “small”, but you attack the enemy like a “big” person. You teach us how to be Armenian.

My dear soldier, you are our homeland, our strength and our future. I am proud of you, your courage, your bravery, your dedication and your love for the homeland. You have the right to bear the title of “Hero of the Homeland” highly and proudly.

I congratulate you and all Armenian soldiers, your families an all Armenians on the occasion of Armenian Army Day and wish you peace, good health and a great mood.

May Armenian mothers only shed tears of joy; may Armenian fathers take pride in their sons’ endeavors; may grandparents dance the triumphant Kochari dance of the Armenians, and may our homeland prosper and become even stronger.

May God be with you, Armenian soldier.


Mary Petrosyan

Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

National Renaissance School N 17

Teacher: Silva Aslanyan

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