Busy year for Nagorno Karabakh: numerous festivals, exhibitions boost tourism

Nagorno Karabakh plans to restore its pre-April war tourism indicators and move forward. Significant works have already been done in that direction in 2016. If the tourism indicator dropped by 40% after the April war, by end of 2016 it was possible to change it to 16%. This year, the ministry of economy of Nagorno Karabakh has planned several programs and events which will restore the previous tourism indicators.

Sergey Shahverdyan, Deputy minister of Economy of Nagorno Karabakh told ARMENPRESS in terms of promotion and popularization of Nagorno Karabakh the year will be rather busy. First, Nagorno Karabakh will take part in a number of exhibitions in Armenia and other countries. In addition, tourism development and promotion festivals will be held in Nagorno Karabakh in 2017. Deputy Minister Shahverdyan pointed out the wine festival which is due in September.

The festival, which will be held for the 4th time, includes ancient and unique winemaking rituals, traditional Nagorno Karabakh cuisine, an exhibition-fair of handicrafts and, of course, an exhibition-fair of wine producers. Shahverdyan mentioned the festival has already become a traditional event not only for Nagorno Karabakh locals, but also tourists. The mulberry festival is also planned to be held this year. The festival will present mulberry cultivation, mulberry vodka distillation and silk production traditions. Mulberry products such as vodka, jam, raisins and others will be presented during the festival.

“Nagorno Karabakh has great potential for tourism development; it is rich with historic-cultural monuments, ancient sites and museums. Nagorno Karabakh stands out with its cuisine, which leaves no tourist indifferent. The Nagorno Karabakh mulberry vodka and the Zhingyalov hats [a type of flatbread stuffed with finely diced herbs and green vegetables] seem to have become a trademark”, Shahverdyan said.

Nagorno Karabakh attracts tourists by its magnificent nature, the hospitality and warmth of locals, friendly atmosphere. Tourists from Russia, USA, Iran, France and Great Britain frequently visit Nagorno Karabakh. Diaspora Armenians are also among the tourists to visit the country. The ministry of Diaspora of Armenia, declared 2017 to be “Nagorno Karabakh year”.

Tourism is an important component of this initiative, and in this context, Nagorno Karabakh is actively collaborating with the Diaspora ministry of Armenia.

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