Hanriet Andriasian: “I feel pity for the years that I have spent abroad”

On January 16, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Vice-President of Sassoon Chapter of Hamazkayin Australia, event coordinator Hanriet Andriasian.

Greeting the guest, the Minister highly appreciated Mrs. Andriasian’s pro-national activities and particularly mentioned the following: “Young Armenians need to speak Armenian. Our programs and projects are aimed at helping young Armenians know the Armenian language and preserve their national identity and language. It is important to engage a maximum number of Armenian language teachers in the “Diaspora” Summer School Program. Language is the backbone for Armenians and the Armenian identity. Children need to learn Armenian through songs, dances and games for at least two –hours a week. This will help not only preserve the language and national traditions, but also create an Armenian environment. The courses help children of all levels get to know each other and become friends.”

The sides discussed the frameworks for cooperation and indicated the future actions for the development of the Armenia-Diaspora partnership.

Hanriet Andreisian expressed gratitude for the cordial reception. She stated that she had participated in the “Diaspora” Summer School Program in the summer of 2016 and was charmed by the opportunities that the Program had to offer. “Through the program, I had a chance to participate in courses at Yerevan State University, visit the National Assembly and meet with the Prime Minister. I am glad that Armenia has a Ministry of Diaspora where I can go and present my community’s problems and achievements and discuss new projects. I live in Australia, but I live for Armenia and am actively engaged in radicalizing the Armenian language within the community and preserving and disseminating the national identity and culture. I also raise my children by introducing them to Armenian national traditions. This time I want to organize virtual Armenian history courses for young Armenians of Australia. I feel pity for the years that I have spent abroad. I would like to be with you and a part of you.”

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