The “Valence Academy of Music and Dance” is Celebrating its 5-th Anniversary

This year the “Valence Academy of Music and Dance” is celebrating the 5-th anniversary of its establishment, joining that celebration with events dedicated to the 25-th anniversary of Armenia’s and Artsakh’s independence.

The thrilling events held in the cities of Valence, Lyon and Grenoble and presenting the centuries-old Armenian culture and traditions are exciting the local communities and generating interest towards Armenians and Armenia, reports “Hayern Aysor”.

On the occasion of this anniversary the academy leaders and students were also congratulated by the ROA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, who noted in her message:

“Dear Mr. Zatikyan, we highly appreciate your input and participation in animating the cultural life of the French-Armenian community as well as the development of cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora. Over the past five years, the “Music and Dance Academy” you created had an important contribution to the efforts of preserving our national identity. I am convinced, that living away the motherland, you are patriotically struggling to maintain the honor of the Armenians.

We also welcome your close cooperation with Artsakh’s “Sayat-Nova” State Musical College. We will be happy to see the staff and students of the Academy every year at events organized by the Ministry of Diaspora and other institutions in Artsakh and Armenia.”

It’s worth noting that following their last performance, the academy students raised placards joining the “What are you doing for Karabagh” movement initiated by the Ministry of Diaspora.

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