Siran Misagian-Basmajian “I do it for the love of God and the sons of my nation and expect nothing in return”

Siran Misagian-Basmajian, 80, repatriated from Marseille and settled in the Jrashen village of Armavir Province of the Republic of Armenia 16 years ago. “In 1999, I came to Armenia for a month, and in 2000, I purchased a home in the Jrashen village and have been living here ever since. Unfortunately, my husband passed away 25 years ago. I have four sons, two daughters, fifteen grandchildren and about four great-grandchildren. They are my joy and wealth. In 1966, we left Beirut for France. I mainly sewed, embroidered and took care of the children. Here in Jrashen I have two gardens, and a person with a garden always has something to do,” says Siran and regrets to talk about the difficult roads that the Armenian people have taken, the Syrian war, the collapsing city of Aleppo and the innocent victims, recalls the military operations that took place during the four-day war in April, but doesn’t talk about her charities. It was hard, but I managed to find out from her that the four-day war had such an impact on her that she wanted to show her care for the soldiers defending our borders, sending packages of clothes to Shamshadin, Hadrut, Askeran, Aralez, Yeghnikner and other bordering areas. Every time, she obtained the products from Gyumri’s Lentex company in different sizes. Just recently she purchased products worth AMD 500,000, but she was discontent with the quality of the latest products. She finds that Armenians are creative and witty, can produce wonderful pieces of clothing and stop buying Turkish products that are considered as high-quality. This will lead to the creation of jobs. During our interview, this amazing woman had a hard time, but “confessed” about her charity acts, and when asked if she had received a certificate of appreciation from any organization, Siran Misagian-Basmajian said the following:

“The ARS and Yerkir Media TV Company are aware of my activities. They were going to go to the military unit, and I sent the packages with them. There were 60 pieces of undergarments and stockings in each of those packages, and the packages were labeled “Daniel Varujan”. It included my name, last name, address and telephone number so that they could find me and could give me a receipt. I have more packages, but I can’t find someone reliable. Someone called me from Talish once and expressed gratitude. I do it for the love of God and the sons of my nation. I don’t expect anything in return or any appreciation. I am a mother, an Armenian woman, and all those soldiers are also my sons.”

…Siran Misagian-Basmajian also didn’t say that, in addition to the soldiers, she has also helped many people in need who have addressed her with requests for help and has provided food to many people in need…This 80-year-old Armenian woman is a living example of patriotism with her life and acts. She is one of the people whose name has gone down in the Book of Life by extending a helping hand to others.

Karine Avagyan

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