Armenia’s Vayots Dzor Province hosted several events held as part of the Adopt a Village Project

On September 29, Vayots Dzor Province hosted the creator of the Adopt a Village Project, citizen of Australia and New Zealand Len Wicks. The project is aimed at establishing and strengthening the bonds and cooperation between Armenia’s rural areas and the Armenian Diaspora.

As reported Hayern Aysor, the first stop was the Reend village, which had organized a unique festive event attended by Deputy Governor of Vayots Dzor Province Mels Harutyunyan, head of the Reend village Husik Sahakyan, the heads of the Yelpin, Chiva and Areni villages, many residents of Vayots Dzor Province, tourists and mass media representatives.

The “Karas” (Boiler) stone-shaped monument was placed near the section of the road leading to the Reend and Chiva villages and is represented by seven boilers in seven different shapes and connected to each other in the shape of a grape vine. A 125-meter long Armenian tricolor flag made by Mushegh Gasparyan was also unveiled during the ceremony.

The unveiling was followed by the opening ceremony of a playground in the kindergarten of Reend village. The series of events in Reend ended with a tree planting in the yard of the village school.

Events were also held in the Areni and Shatin villages through the Adopt a Village Project. A map presenting the sites to see in the Areni village was installed near the entrance and will serve as a guide for tourists. The secondary school of Areni was provided with English language textbooks, and a tree planting ceremony was held in the village. Head of Areni village Seryozha Sukiasyan expressed gratitude for the support and voice hope that the cooperation would be ongoing.

Let us add that creator of the Adopt a Village Project Len Wicks is also the author of the novel “Origin: Discovery”, the motive of which was her Armenian roots and the history of the Armenian people. The book consists of three parts, including “Uplift of the Countries of the Axis”, “Protection of the Free World” and “Discovery of the Essence of Human Beings”.

The events take place in the period of the largest conflict in world history, starting from the study on the challenges that were facing residents of the Areni village of Armenia in the Soviet era in 1930.

The heroes are from different countries, move from one geographical location to another due to events and later start meeting each other. By selecting different locations, the author conveys a message that everyone needs to cooperate in order to achieve the best results. The book allows the reader to get a picture of various interesting cultures.

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