2016 “Diaspora” Summer School Program: Diaspora Armenian teachers visited Silva Kaputikyan’s Home-Museum

Alongside their courses, the participants of the “Diaspora” Summer School Program also participate in cultural events. On July 19, the participants of the Training Course for Teachers of Armenian Language and History and Organizers of Education visited the Home-Museum of Silva Kaputikyan.

As reported Hayern Aysor, the Diaspora Armenian teachers toured the Home-Museum of Silva Kaputikyan with the accompaniment of Director Armenuhi Demirtchyan, who was the teachers’ guide. Presenting the interior design of the home-museum, the director mentioned that the great poet furnished the home herself and even wrote in her will that everything had to remain after her death.

At the museum, the visitors had a chance to become familiar with not only Silva Kaputikyan the great poet, but also Silva Kaputikyan the patriotic woman, the owner of the home and simply an interesting individual. The visitors saw the young and old Silva Kaputikyan.

The attendees saw the gifts that Silva Kaputikyan had received from Diaspora Armenians and were told about the poet’s connection and great dedication to the Armenian Diaspora.

The museum also showcases the photos of the poet’s family, her handwritten notebooks and the clothes that she wore. The visitors had the opportunity to see the poet’s office where she had written most of her poems.

The Diaspora Armenian teachers toured the museum and listened to a short lecture devoted to the life and career of Silva Kaputikyan with great interest.

It was very pleasant and touching for the teachers to visit the museum for the first time ever. It was as if the poet was also attending the meeting.

In an interview with Hayern Aysor, Head of the Division for Scientific and Educational Programs of the Department of All-Armenian Programs at the RA Ministry of Diaspora Sirvard Hambaryan stated that Silva Kaputikyan is the “marionette” of Armenian independence and that every Armenian must know that great poet.

Cairo-Armenian Silva Bairamian said she was very nervous since she was in the home of Silva Kaputikyan. In an interview with Hayern Aysor, the teacher said her parents had named her after Kaputikyan and that it was a great responsibility for her to be named after Silva Kaputikyan.

Before leaving the home-museum, all the guests recited Silva Kaputikyan’s poem “Khosk Im Vordun” (Message to My Son) together.

The Diaspora Armenian teachers left Silva Kaputikyan’s home with unforgettable impressions and with the hope to return.

Lusine Grigoryan

Volunteer for the “Diaspora” Summer School Program, student of the Chair of Diaspora Studies of the Faculty of History at Yerevan State University

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