London-Armenian community’s funds transferred to wounded soldiers with support from the Ministry of Diaspora

At the initiative of Tekeyan Centre Fund  and Tekeyan Trust, the Armenian community of London organized a fundraiser to provide assistance to the Armenian soldiers who suffered during the four-day Artsakh war in April, as reported Tekeyan Centre Fund  to Hayern Aysor.

Upon the proposal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora, the AMD 2,210,000 was allocated to 13 wounded servicemen of the Gegharkunik Province, including Norayr Zakharyan (Gavar city), Ashot Gasparyan (Karmir village), Gevorg Baghdasaryan (Ltchap village), Andranik Atalyan (Shatjrek village), Armen Simonyan (Vardenis city), Ruben Gevorgyan (Pokr Masrik village), Avetis Zargaryan (Sotk village), Hayk Minasyan (Vardenis city), Hambardzum Vardanov (Aygut village0, Gurgen Arustamyan (Tchambarak city), David Azizyan (Varser village), Vahan Sargsyan (Zolakar village) and Hrayr Baghdasaryan (Litchk village).

The June 22 meeting at the regional governor’s office of Gegharkunik Province was attended by Chief of Staff of the RA Ministry of Diaspora Firdus Zakaryan, Director of the Tekeyan Centre Fund  Armen Tsulikyan, wounded servicemen and their parents and began with the welcoming remarks of Governor Rafik Grigoryan, who also paid homage to the heroic soldiers. “Our boys made glorious endeavors on the , and the events in April consolidated our nation around one goal. From now on, the Armenians will be more consolidated,” Grigoryan said. He assured that the regional governor’s office was continuing to help wounded soldiers and their families, as well as the families of the deceased soldiers. The governor also promised to help them find jobs and solve other issues.

Expressing gratitude to the soldiers for saving the lives of citizens of Artsakh and Armenia and for saving the Homeland in general, Chief of Staff of the RA Ministry of Diaspora Firdus Zakaryan stated that the RA Ministry of Diaspora had immediately called on Diaspora Armenian organizations to provide material assistance to the devastated soldiers right after the events in April. “We are doing everything possible to make sure the assistance is ongoing so that the families having lost their sons and the wounded soldiers facing problems with treatment and domestic issues are able to solve their social issues and take care of their expenses. We will also try to provide assistance individually,” Firdus Zakaryan said.

The Tekeyan Center Foundation had also responded to the call of the Ministry of Diaspora, and the director of the Foundation had come to the meeting with the funds that had been raised. He transmitted the funds to the 13 wounded soldiers of Gegharkunik Province and added the following: “The heroic battles that took place in Artsakh stirred the emotions of all Armenians around the world, and thanks to the heroic efforts of our boys, we Armenians can look at the world at ease and believe in the security of our nation in the future. This is the first time that we organized a fundraiser or the Gegharkunik Province, but we are making efforts to make this ongoing.”

At the end, the soldiers and their parents expressed gratitude for the heartfelt people and benefactors for their support and generosity.

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