Arevik Arzumanyan: “Every resident of Aygepar village has a hard time leaving the village”

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent contacted the residents of the bordering villages of Tavush Province of Armenia. This time, the interlocutor is Arevik Arzumanyan, who is the director of the school in Aygepar village.

Hayern Aysor: For years, residents of the bordering villages of Tavush Province have lived and continue to live under fire of the Azerbaijanis. Mrs. Arzumanyan, it is obvious that the helpless children of the school have also been in danger. How did the school resist? How has it prepared the students for a possible large-scale war?

Arevik Arzumanyan: We all know that Aygepar village is one of the villages that is located in the most dangerous zone near the border. It is clear that our students are prepared to resist the enemy’s firing at an early age. They know when it is dangerous, when they need to be prepared and where. The school often holds preparatory events.

Hayern Aysor: Are there cases when parents don’t send their children to school at all because of their fear of the enemy’s shells and the shots of snipers? How does the school work with the parents?

A. A.: Such cases are rare. There are one or two parents who don’t send their children. The children are mainly punctual, regardless of how many shootings took place the day before. Of course, we work with the parents. They know what to do during the firing.

Hayern Aysor: You live very close to the Azerbaijani military positions, meaning life or death is unpredictable every day and every night. Have you ever thought of leaving your village?

A. A.: Believe it or not, every resident of Aygepar has a very hard time leaving the village. They don’t leave because of the shootings, but because they don’t have more work to do and can’t maintain their families.

Hayern Aysor: Mrs. Arzumanyan, what makes the Armenians of Tavush Province so patriotic and so infinitely powerful to stay clung to their roots?

A. A.: Our marvelous nature, the examples and discipline of our ancestors have given us that infinite power.

Hayern Aysor: What damages did the firing from the Azerbaijani military positions cause to the school in Aygepar? What measures are being taken to make sure children come to and leave school as safely as possible?

A. A.: The enemy can see the whole school, which is always the enemy’s target. Coming to school has always been dangerous for both the children and the teachers. Through the efforts of the Office of the Fund for Armenian Relief in Armenia, defensive walls have been built along the entire length of the roads in order to ensure the safety of the schoolchildren and the residents.

Hayern Aysor: What does the school need?

A. A.: We first need peace. Of course, the school has many problems. We are concerned about these problems.

Interview by Karine Avagyan

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