Dear and distinguished Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan,

This year the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia is celebrating its fifth anniversary. This is also a celebration for all Armenians abroad who preserve their identity and who feel that they present in Armenia’s government and social life.

When I realize the fact that the Ministry of Diaspora is marking its fifth anniversary, I get amazed at how quickly those five years passed and at how much work the ministry has done in the past five years. You may be rest assured that we Diaspora Armenians have followed the activities of the ministry with joy and attention. We feel that we have our voice in the Armenian government through the ministry and that the government shows its support to us Diaspora Armenians through this ministry.

Without a doubt, all the ministries of the Republic of Armenia are dear to us and play a significant role, but the Ministry of Diaspora is more than dear to us and plays an even more significant role for us. If it didn’t exist in the past, it had to be created. It was created, and the past five years have shown that it was not in vain. Thanks to the Ministry of Diaspora, Diaspora Armenians discovered the bridge that links Diaspora Armenians to the Homeland.

Dear Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan,

As someone who knows the tremendous amount of work that you have done since the creation of the Ministry of Diaspora, I cordially congratulate you on the fifth anniversary of your ministry and wish the ministry success in its future endeavors. Armenia and the Diaspora are strongly linked to each other and form a whole, and all Armenians should participate in the ministry’s “Ari Tun” Program-if not physically, then at least cordially and spiritually.

Good luck in the years to come!



Editor of Marmara Daily of Istanbul



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