Young Syrian-Armenians producing shoes in Armenia

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for an interview with Syrian-Armenian Vicken Doghmoghlian, who recently participated in the “New Perspectives for Syrian-Armenians” exhibition.

Due to the war in Syria, Vicken moved to Armenia four years ago and has been producing shoes with his friends for the past two years. They opened the Ava Shoes store in Yerevan (52 Teryan Street) where they offer natural leather shoes for men, women and children.

Vicken Doghmoghlian informed that he and his friends would produce shoes and would mainly make soles in Aleppo.

Talking about his production in Armenia, he says they faced difficulties in the beginning, but didn’t lose hope. Now they have reached the point where they are exporting their shoes to the Arab World, Russia and Europe. Vicken noted that people in Armenia prefer Armenian shoes and says this is commendable.

On 19-22 May, Yerevan Expo exhibition complex hosted the “New Perspectives for Syrian-Armenians” exhibition, which was held as part of the “Economic Opportunities Week” business forum. The exhibition showcased the products manufactured by over 70 companies run by Syrian-Armenians and individual entrepreneurs, who moved to Armenia due to the Syrian war and started doing business in the country.

Gevorg Chichyan

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