Nora Arisian: “The deputies will be focused on Syria’s recovery”

Deputies of the Parliament of Syria will be taking an oath in a couple of days. Hayern Aysor had reported that Nora Arisian became the first Armenian to be elected a Deputy of the Parliament of Syria.

Hayern Aysor presents the interview with the Member of Parliament.

Hayern Aysor: Mrs. Arisian, we congratulate you. You are the first Syrian-Armenian woman to be elected in that office.

Nora Arisian: Thank you. Being elected a deputy was unprecedented, and that is why I feel more responsible.

Hayern Aysor: What made you decide to participate in the elections?

N. A.: Being a member of the Union of Arab Writers, many fellow members urged and encouraged me to run in the elections. Slowly, I myself noticed that my presence in the Parliament of Syria and the presence of a woman from Damascus could become a manifestation of diversity.

Hayern Aysor: What is the first thing you are going to do as a deputy?

N. A.: Since Syria is currently in a war, all deputies will be focused on the efforts for Syria’s recovery, and that includes the fields of social, public, cultural and educational fields.

Hayern Aysor: Which issues will be in your center of attention?

N. A.: “For the Recovering Syria”-this was the slogan for my election campaign, and the issue of Syria’s recovery was a priority. However, based on my profession, the issues related to culture, education and women will also be in the center of my attention.

Hayern Aysor: What role do you think women can play in the Syrian parliament?

N. A.: Syrian women have not only entered the parliament, but also have their presence in courts and hold high positions. Women in Syria’s parliament make up 12 percent. By speaking out about women’s and domestic issues, they can play a role in improving the laws.

Hayern Aysor: Mrs. Arisian, how can Armenian deputies support the Armenian community, especially in this difficult period for the Armenian community?

N. A.: The members of the Armenian community of Syria are Syrian citizens, and like every citizen of Syria, they are also bearing the consequences of the war. Therefore, for the time being, the demands of all Syrians are conditioned by the objectives to eliminate the consequences of the war.

Lusine Abrahamyan

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