May no Armenian mother ever mourn the death of her son serving in the army-Diaspora Armenian women figures

April 7th is the Day of Annunciation to the Holy Virgin Mary or Motherhood and Beauty Day.

Hayern Aysor’s correspondent sat down for interviews with Diaspora Armenian women leaders who talked about the image of Armenian women abroad, the challenges they face, as well as expressed their heartfelt words and support to lovely and divine Armenian mothers during these difficult days.

Sveta Abrahamyan (President of Unified Armenians in Holland organization of Nijmegen, Kingdom of the Netherlands)

During the 18 years I have spent living abroad, there have been several times when I have thought about my role as a woman in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, that is, of course, besides starting a new life with my family in a foreign country and overcoming the difficulties of living next to people with different morals and cultures. In the Homeland, we don’t even think about the danger of assimilating and losing our national identity. There are totally different circumstances abroad. This topic has concerned many of my compatriots living in distant countries. Armenian women and mothers play a huge role in preserving the faith, the native language, Armenian national culture, customs and traditions abroad, and they bear all that within themselves first. Unfortunately, not all of them are guided by those values and principles. I believe this is a pan-national issue. The new generation is gradually becoming detached from its roots. They are compelled to live in a foreign society and become a member of that society, whether they or their parents want to or not. Here is where Armenian community structures and organizations take action.

Those structures and organizations are created by Armenians who are concerned about the issue and are gathering the youth. I am also involved in activities aimed at preserving the Armenian identity. Fifteen years ago, my daughter and I established a small community and a one-day Armenian school. It’s not easy to have an appropriate space to carry out activities in a foreign country, but we solved that issue from the very first day we got here. It never crossed my mind that we could face difficulties as women leaders. We simply started working with support from our husbands. Men also face the same difficulties. I feel the great respect from men leaders of other communities of the Netherlands. I am certain that women play a bigger role, are more capable and can do more than people expect from them. The only thing that inspires me is the love for my homeland, my ancestors, my family and my compatriots.

People might ask me why I don’t live in my country. I often ask myself that question. Every person has a mission in life. My mission is unquestionably what I do abroad, and I do it with endless patience, principle and will. I believe these attributes serve as the guarantee for success for not only women leaders, but also men leaders. When you have great respect towards and pay a lot of attention to the people you work with, regardless of gender, working with them becomes very easy.

And another important thing-today, April 7th, we are celebrating Motherhood and Beauty Day. It’s hard…I express condolences to the mothers of the soldiers who became immortal these past days.

I wish all Armenian mothers feel joy and love, do the work for the welfare of their families with greater dedication and serve for the awakening and advancement of the homeland.

I respect the mothers who have given birth to the heroes of our days.

Ophelia Satoorian (Principal of Davidian and Mariamian Educational Foundation, USA)

Armenians have always appreciated the role and importance of Armenian women. In the USA, people perceive the role of women and their employment in managerial positions a little differently. However, no matter where they may be, Armenian women are always at the peak thanks to the fact that Armenians are talented and organized.

Armenian women in Armenia and abroad are always loyal to their families and support their husbands with any issue.

One thing is for sure-only a woman can keep a family strong and peaceful. There are always difficulties. All we need to do is to overcome them. Armenian women especially play a major role in raising their children abroad. We Armenian women make every effort to make sure our children take the right path, provide them with an Armenian upbringing and familiarize them with Armenian traditions.

From what I have seen, Diaspora Armenian women leaders have never faced problems, have always been loved and respected by the public and have done their jobs with a feeling of dignity. Women play a major role, especially in my sphere of activity. My staff mainly consists of women, and it’s easy for me to communicate with them. I have worked with many women figures over the years. They have set an example for me with their work and image, and one of those women is Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia Hranush Hakobyan. I have learned a lot from her.

I try to be punctual, sincere and truthful and try to maintain cordial ties with my employees. I believe being strict and demanding is necessary, but it’s also important to be kind and tender at the workplace.

This one month is not enough to express words of gratitude and appreciation to our beloved Armenian women who are self-dedicated to fight for the welfare of their families and to ensure a good life for their children. I respect all Armenian mothers who give birth to heroes and wish them patience, especially these days when there is trouble on our borders.

I really want to see Armenian women and mothers be happy and smile. If they shed tears, let those tears be tears of joy. My greatest desire is that no Armenian mother ever mourns the death of her son serving in the army. I wish peace to your families, dear mothers!

Gevorg Chichyan


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